Lawmaker Files "Show Me Your Papers" Bill For Guns

Dec 17, 2015
Originally published on December 15, 2015 4:56 pm

While Florida Republicans push measures allowing concealed weapons on college campuses and open carry throughout the state, a Democratic senator wants permit holders to have their papers ready for first responders.  

In a strange echo of Arizona’s show me your papers immigration bill, Sen. Dwight Bullard (D-Miami) wants to require gun owners carrying in public to provide their permit at the approach or demand of a first responder. 

And first responder extends more than just police—firefighters, paramedics, and the like are included as well. 

Bullard’s proposal also raises the penalty for not having a permit from $25 to $1,000 and puts new requirements on classes for concealed weapons permits.  The move is likely a response to concerns about open carry legislation working its way through the statehouse.  Among other things, that bill would leave law enforcement vulnerable to prosecution if they attempted to stop a licensed person from carrying openly.

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