Morgan Alexander

Health News Florida Intern

Morgan Alexander is an intern with WUSF’s health reporting project Health News Florida. She will help scour the web for important health policy stories that impact Floridians, and she will be learning how to produce health stories for radio.  Born in Alabama, Morgan spent her childhood traveling throughout the U.S. and Europe, giving her a unique view of life across the globe. Morgan and her family moved to Florida where she completed her middle and high school education and established her love of investigative journalism. Morgan is now attending McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and is working on a B.A. in History and Political Science.Upon completion of her degree, she hopes to work as a journalist in Southeast Asia covering social and religious issues.
US Marine Corps, via Wikimedia Commons / Wikimedia Commons

School’s back in session for about 3 million young Floridians. They’re settling back into the school year routine -- sharing notes, trading numbers and swapping germs.

But, as any parent knows, with school comes disease. And doctors say vaccinating kids is the best way to prevent runny noses from turning into something more serious.

“The whole idea behind giving vaccines is prevention, because if we can prevent a disease then you don’t end up in the hospital and you don’t end up dying from the diseases,” said Dr. David Berman, a Clearwater pediatrician.