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Another Gun-Related Bill Gets Filed In Florida Legislature

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Another gun-related measure has been filed in the Florida Legislature.

Rep. Neil Combee’s (R-Polk City) bill makes it illegal to discharge a firearm for recreational purposes in residential neighborhoods.

“Basically, it just prevents gun ranges or recreational target shooting in residential property that has a density of one unit per acre or greater. So, if you had a subdivision—a quarter acre, third acre, half acre, one acre subdivision—you would not be allowed to have a target range at your home,” said Combee.

Violators will face a first degree misdemeanor charge. Exceptions include people defending themselves, people performing official duties, or if it’s deemed that discharging the weapon did not pose a risk to life, safety, or property.

Combee says it’s a bipartisan issue because he expects Rep. Darryl Rouson (D-St. Petersburg) to sign on as his main co-sponsor. Rouson tried and failed to bring the issue up during this past legislative session.

Meanwhile, other gun bills already filed for the 2016 legislative session include a refiled measure allowing school officials to carry guns on public school campuses as well as another that allows people to carry a concealed weapon on college campuses.

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