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Newly Signed Gun Evacuation Bill Now Florida Law

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It’s now legal for people to carry a gun without a concealed permit during a declared state of emergency. That’s among more than 40 bills Governor Scott signed into law Thursday.

The National Rifle Association’s Marion Hammer is a huge backer of the new law. She says it couldn’t come at a better time.

“It is particular important with hurricane season rapidly approaching that people be allowed to carry their firearms with them when they are ordered to leave their homes and evacuate under a mandatory evacuation under a declared state of emergency,” said Hammer.

Last year, the NRA and the Florida Sheriffs Association clashedover measure. The Sheriffs called the bill vague. This year, the FSA got on board when a timeframe of 48 hours was put in placefor the amount of time people have to evacuate with their firearms. It can also be extended. As soon as the Governor signed the measure, it became law.

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