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Exploring endometriosis and the role of artificial intelligence in health care

Discover the latest insights in health care as we discuss the effect of endometriosis and the transformative role of AI. Experts discuss symptoms, treatments and the future of patient care.

On this episode of "What's Health Got to Do With It?" we examine a widespread condition that affects millions of women globally.

Endometriosis strikes 2% to 10% of American women age 25 to 40, resulting in painful menstruation and various other symptoms.

Discussing the issue are guests Dr. Chandra Adams, an OB-GYN affiliated with HCA Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, and survivor Tam Carter, an advocate with Shed a Light On.

After that, we explore the significance of artificial intelligence in health care with Dr. Robert Murry, chief medical officer of NextGen Healthcare.

AI is reshaping patient care directly in the exam room. Apart from handling administrative tasks, like scheduling, doctors are using AI on mobile devices during patient consultations. This enables the creation of clinical notes that summarize the visit within 30 seconds.

"What's Health Got to Do with It?" is a talk program from WJCT in Jacksonville that examines the intersection of health care and daily life.

Jacksonville neurologist Dr. Joe Sirven is the host.

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Kathy Waterman