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FDA Postpones Decision On Juul Products

juul vape ecig fda.png
Getty Images
Packages of Juul mint-flavored electronic cigarettes are displayed at San Rafael Smoke Shop in 2019 in San Rafael, Calif.

The Food and Drug Administration said it has ruled on whether some electronic cigarette products can remain on the market, but that it's also delaying action on products made by Juul, which accounts for 40% of the e-cigarette market.

The FDA said Thursday it has issued marketing denial orders for more than 946,000 flavored vaping products because their applications "lacked sufficient evidence that they have a benefit to adult smokers sufficient to overcome the public health threat posed by the well-documented, alarming levels of youth use of such products."

The decisions encompass 93% of the applications companies submitted for approval – but Juul, the largest vape company, was not included in Thursday's action.