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'You Never Get Over Your Child': Mom Of Teen Killed Months Before High School Graduation

Regina Talabert (right) with her daughter Noricia Talabert (left). Norcia was killed in Florida City just a few months shy of her high school graduation.
The Florida Channel
Leon County Judge John Cooper on June 30, 2022, in a screen grab from The Florida Channel.

WLRN is looking at the impact of children and teens killed by guns in South Florida through the voices of some of the people who are most affected.

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Noricia Talabert was dropping friends off at home in Florida City when someone started shooting. The 17-year old, just a few months shy of her high school graduation, was killed.

Noricia had just celebrated her mom's birthday, Regina Talabert, the day before. 

Regina Talabert talked to WLRN reporter Nadege Green about her daughter's killing and the every day moments of hurt.

Listen to the interview with Regina Talabert below:

TALABERT: Noricia, she was my princess and her name came from Haiti. Her daddy's name is Norris Talabert and we named Noricia after her grandmother.

She loved music. And you know, too many children don't like jazz, but you know she loved jazz.

We had a Pomeranian dog. She loved that dog and we named him Jazz.

She was a young lady of excellence.

My birthday was Oct. 16. She had bought me a beautiful blouse and a bottle of perfume. I got up that morning and I said, “Baby you didn’t have to buy that. You're getting ready to go to college” and she got up and gave me a kiss and said, “Mommy you know I love you. You’re my girl.”

My daughter got killed Oct. 17.

I live on the southwest section of Florida City and it happened on the northwest section. She was taking someone home and they just started shooting.

When I got over there all I could see is police lights. I wouldn’t wish this on no mother.

It was like my whole soul left my body. She was my baby girl. I never thought she'd get killed, get killed from, you know, from gun violence.

My daughter had all A's. She had a bright future. 

The boy that killed my daughter was nothing but 15 years old.  He was shooting at somebody else.

I forgive the child that killed my baby because he was a child and I know I have to forgive. It was hard, but truly I prayed to God every day, “Give me a forgiving heart.”

He's in jail, but his mother could still go see him.

I'm telling you, I don't sleep good at night. I done been to the doctor. They told me I have post-traumatic stress. I’m not accepting that. I stay busy and I think about positive things, and I think about these kids in the world so much.

And I try to talk to the kids, you know, don't fight each other. Love one another. Communicate. Talk to one another.

I go to meetings — Survivor’s Speak, Families Affected By Gunviolence, Moms Demand Action — that's my fight, to change gun laws around here in Florida.

I met a couple of moms that are from Parkland, and we each told each other stories and talked about our kids. My daughter also was an honors student, you know, like those kids at Parkland, but the thing is we don’t get the recognition because of what?

In our community, kids get killed every day so this is where I have my passion. And I prayed and I asked him Lord help me what can I do in this community through my pain to help somebody else. 

It hurts every day. And people don't realize that.  They think it should be something you get over quick, but you never get over your child.

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Nadege Greencovers social justice issues for WLRN.