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Chiropractor Could Lose License Over Misconduct

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The Florida Channel
Leon County Judge John Cooper on June 30, 2022, in a screen grab from The Florida Channel.

An administrative law judge Friday recommended that the state revoke the license of a Jupiter-based chiropractor accused of sexual misconduct. 

Administrative Law Judge F. Scott Boyd issued an 18-page recommended order calling for the discipline against chiropractor Hamed Kian, who was accused by a patient of twice touching her labia during a massage treatment.

After the second incident, the patient identified by the initials J.K, a licensed nurse, turned to get off the massage table and, as she leaned forward found Kian trying to kiss her, according to the recommended order.

J.K. paid for the care, left the office and drove to her home in Vero Beach where she spoke with her brother, a chiropractor, her aunt, and a family friend who was an attorney.

Based on their advice, she reported the incident the following day to the Jupiter Police Department, which subsequently reported the case to the Florida Department of Health for investigation.

According to Boyd’s recommended order, Kian denied all allegations except kissing J.K. on the cheek.

Boyd noted in his recommended order that Kian has practiced for many years and “there is no evidence of any other incident or prior discipline, and suspension or revocation of (his) professional license would have a very great effect upon his livelihood.”

But the judge said “on the other hand, the conduct by (Kian) was intentional, and sexual misconduct in the practice of chiropractic medicine, a health care profession, constitutes a very great danger to the public.”

Under administrative law, the recommended order will go to the Board of Chiropractic Medicine for a final decision.