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Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Brings New Questions

An assortment of prescription medications
An assortment of prescription medications

Open enrollment for 2018 health coverage begins in about one month, but as happened last year, rumors have already begun circulating about astronomical premium increases.

Most Floridians never saw their deductibles go up as projected last year, and several saw them actually decrease in spite of the frightening headlines. That’s because most of the quoted hikes were covered by the healthcare exchange in the end. But, now, a new batch of ominous rumors is going around.

Florida Blue’s west Florida market president, David Pizzo, joins Gulf Coast Live to clear up some of the misinformation.

Marilyn Gregory of the Health Planning Council of Southwest Florida will also join the show. She talks about the federal funding Floridians can expect to see offset some of the out-of-pocket costs.

Gulf Coast Live talked about the 340,000 children at risk of being uninsured earlier this week due to the expiration of the Children's Healthcare Insurance Program, or CHIP. Xonjenese Jacobs of USF Health Florida Covering Kids and Families talks about the alternative options Southwest Florida families have as open enrollment approaches.

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