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As Fla. Zika Cases Top 1,200, Health Officials Continue To Stress Mosquito Prevention

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There are now more than 1,200 cases of the Zika virus in Florida, and about a fifth are locally contracted cases via Florida mosquitoes. So, health officials are reminding Floridians to continue taking preventive measures to combat the disease.

In a recent video, Florida health officials say protection against mosquito bites is key to preventing Zika.

“Mosquitos can spread Zika virus day and night. So protect yourself and pregnant women with these tips: 1) Shut doors and cover windows with screens. 2) Use EPA-approved insect repellents anytime you’re outdoors. 3) Cover your skin with long sleeves and pants. 4) Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. Just a bottle cap of water is all they need. So, drain, refresh, or cover anything around buildings that can hold water at least weekly and put away outside items that aren’t being used.”

Zika can be sexually transmitted and can cause severe birth defects as well. More than 170 pregnant women have the virus. Of the 1,213 cases reported Tuesday, close to 960 are considered travel-related. The 240 locally contracted cases occurred mainly in the South Florida area.

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