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Survey: Floridians Concerned With How State Handles Health Care for Disabled

Susan MacManus.

A majority of Floridians believe that the state is not providing good medical care to people with disabilities, according to the annual Sunshine State Survey results released Tuesday.

Susan MacManus, the survey director and University of South Florida political scientist,  said concerns over health care for the state’s most vulnerable received some of the most negative findings.

"The ratings aren’t good at all in terms of the disabled physically or mentally – 62 percent think the state is not doing a good job in handling or providing for that particular group," MacManus said. "And it’s worsening."

More than half – 56 percent – don’t believe the state is providing adequate health care for seniors.

And 46 percent don’t think young children are getting good health care from the state.

The Annual Sunshine State Survey also gathered data on Floridians’ attitudes on education and environment.

Credit USF-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey

Credit USF-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey