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Another Naked Face-Biter Shot

Witnesses say that Palm Beach County deputies made the right decision when they shot and killed a naked man who was terrorizing residents near a West Delray neighborhood, the Sun Sentinel reports.

One victim was bitten in the face in the attack, which was reminiscent of one that left a homeless man disfigured in May 2012 on Miami’s MacArthur Causeway.

Deputies tried a Taser on Anesson Joseph, 28, but he kept going, so they shot him once in the chest and twice in the lower body. Joseph attacked Douglas Kozlik, a retired New York City cop, and an unidentified 10-year-old boy.

Both victims were taken to the hospital, where they are expected to make full recoveries. Officials are not certain whether drugs were a cause of the rampage. Joseph had no criminal record in Florida.

The young man whose face was bitten, 18-year-old Tony Grein, was trying to protect his younger sister from Joseph, police said. Grein said his attacker moved with “superhuman strength” and was built like a rock. Grein said he scared Joseph off with a box cutter.

No cause for the Miami attack was ever determined.