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Radio Host Died After Cosmetic Surgery

An autopsy report reveals that popular South Florida radio  host Betty Pino died of complications resulting from surgery to remove loose silicone from her buttocks.  The popular Miami Spanish-language personality, who had helped the U.S. careers of several artists including Julio Iglesias, had been diagnosed with sepsis stemming from silicone injections, the Miami Heraldreports (paywall alert). 

About 20 years ago, Pino received “hard” implants in her buttocks, then had them changed to saline implants a decade later.  But when the saline implants caused problems, she decided to have silicone injected into her buttocks -- a dangerous practice that has proved fatal to others.  Over time, “the tissue in the buttocks hardened and deformed, causing pain,” according to the autopsy report. 

After trying to locate a doctor who would remove the hardened silicone, Pino found one. He  operated on Pino in his office, then sent her home.  She soon developed infections at the site of the surgical wound and was hospitalized.  In her final days, while comatose, Pino’s feet and hands were amputated in an attempt to save her.  She died Aug. 7.  Her death “remains under investigation,” according to the Miami Herald.

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