Lee Memorial Hospital

Lee Memorial Takes Case To Florida Supreme Court

Nov 14, 2017
Fort Myers News-Press

Southwest Florida's Lee Memorial Health System is going to the state Supreme Court in a dispute about the constitutionality of part of a 2000 law.

Lee Memorial Health System celebrates 100 years of serving the community’s medical needs this week.  The first Lee Memorial Hospital opened Oct. 3, 1916 in a 15-bed wood-framed building.  Since that time, it’s grown and expanded into a health system with an inpatient capacity of 1,419 beds employing more than 12,000 people.  We’ll explore LMHS’s rich history in Lee County through the Jim Crow era, the roaring 1920s, the Great Depression, two world wars and beyond.  We’ll also find out about the health system’s new look including the new name, “Lee Health” as the health system begins a new century of care.

Tightened security is becoming the new normal at many hospitals in Southwest Florida, according to the Fort Myers News-Press. New screening rules for visitors at Lee Memorial Hospital and Gulf Coast Medical Center mean the hospitals have turned away a tiny fraction of people in the past year who tried to enter the facilities.