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Recent media reports detailing mistakes by Florida’s Department of Agriculture in issuing firearm permits have some advocacy organizations calling for further investigation. The League of Women Voters is asking Attorney General Pam Bondi to conduct the probe.

The Florida Department of Health has lowered the number of people who caught HIV in Florida.

That’s according to a story in the Tampa Bay Times. Florida previously had the most new HIV infections of any state. But officials revised the stats, removing more than 1,500 cases and making Florida third in the country for new HIV infections.

Editorial boards at the Tampa  Bay Times and The Tampa Tribune don't agree on much beyond motherhood and apple pie, with the Times leaning left and Trib leaning right. But there’s one thing they do agree on: Florida should take the money.

The money in question is the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid-expansion funds. There is enough money sitting in Washington for Florida to  cover the entire cost of covering nearly 1 million uninsured poor people through 2016 and  at least 90 percent thereafter. It amounts to billions of dollars a year.

Tampa Bay Times

Two Florida newspapers won the Pulitzer Prize, the highest honor in journalism, for coverage of health-related issues.  At the Tampa Bay Times, Daniel Ruth and Tim Nickens captured the prize for editorial writing for a series that pushed Pinellas County to resume adding fluoride to the water supply.  The