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Fact Check: Trump's Claim About 'Affordable' Health Insurance Options

3 hours ago

In his wide-ranging State of the Union address, President Donald Trump returned to a favorite theme: the cost of health insurance.

Report Raps Short-Term Health Policies

May 16, 2019

Short-term insurance policies may provide health choices for consumers, but they could be bad for patients’ financial health, a new report from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network said. 

Sure, they're less expensive for consumers, but short-term health policies have another side: They're highly profitable for insurers and offer hefty sales commissions for brokers.

Driven by rising premiums for Affordable Care Act plans, interest in short-term insurance is growing, boosted by Trump administration actions to ease Obama-era restrictions and possibly make federal subsidies available to consumers to purchase them.

HHS Announces Plans To Curtail Consumers’ Use Of Short-Term Insurance Policies

Jun 9, 2016

The Obama administration on Wednesday moved to sharply limit short-term health insurance plans, which a growing number of consumers have been buying even though they offer less coverage than what the Affordable Care Act decreed all people should have.