recovery care centers

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A House panel on Thursday approved a proposal that would allow the establishment of recovery care centers where people could recuperate after health-care procedures.

Recovery Care Centers Re-Emerge In House

Dec 3, 2019
Associated Press

A long-debated proposal that would allow health-care facilities known as recovery care centers has re-emerged in the Florida House for the 2020 legislative session. 

A Florida Senate Panel has voted down a plan to allow recovery care centers in Florida. The facilities provide nursing care for people recently discharged from hospitals or those in need of post-operative care.

House Members Want To Revisit Health Bills

Jan 5, 2017

As House leaders pushed for changes last year in the state's health-care system, they backed the creation of "recovery care centers" and the use of "direct primary care" agreements. But the proposals died among broader disagreements with the Senate about health-care issues.

Florida lawmakers are poised to take up healthcare access and affordability issues, and that includes reviving pieces of a failed state healthcare reform plan. Ambulatory care centers, recovery care centers and direct primary care could get a second look.

Health Deregulation Bills On The Move In House

Jan 11, 2016

A budget panel Tuesday will take up three bills that are part of a broader push by Florida House leaders to overhaul health-care regulations.