income inequality

closeup of child doing math on laptop computer
Annie Spratt / Unsplash

U.S. school districts where the vast majority of students are white are more than three times as likely to be open for some in-person learning than those that enroll mostly students of color, an analysis by The Associated Press and Chalkbeat shows.

Florida ranks fifth for income inequality in the country, according to a study recently published by the Economic Policy Institute.

It looks at the gap between what the top 1 percent and what the bottom 99 percent make nationwide.

Income inequality perpetuates a vicious cycle of problems including poor health, says Gary Stein, a columnist with Context Florida.

Executives at corporations such as United HealthCare get paychecks hundreds of times larger than the average minimum wage worker. Meanwhile these working poor families can’t afford health insurance, or nutritious food, he says.

Stein challenges employers to break the cycle by increasing minimum wage, similar to what the owner of Detroit’s “Moo, Cluck Moo” has done.