House Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee

Restrictions Removed For New Disabled Facilities By Florida Legislature

11 hours ago

After making community-based care a priority for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, lawmakers are moving forward with bills that would make it easier for providers to open institutions. 

House Committee Votes To Make Medicaid Cuts Permanent

Mar 20, 2019
Lying atop a mobile gurney, a patient was being prepped and coached just prior to the subsequent medical procedure that was about to take place in this hospital setting. The nurse was wearing her requisite blue colored hospital scrubs, and had draped a st
T. Grace Emori / CDC / Public Health Image Library

House Republicans on Tuesday released a proposed health-care budget and an accompanying bill that could lead to putting people with disabilities in managed-care plans. 

Health Deregulation Bills On The Move In House

Jan 11, 2016

A budget panel Tuesday will take up three bills that are part of a broader push by Florida House leaders to overhaul health-care regulations.

Hospital Group Says More 'LIP' Money Possible

Nov 4, 2015

With Florida facing a funding cut next year in a major health-care program, the president of a hospital-industry group said Tuesday he thinks it remains possible to get federal approval for more money.

The top House health care budget writer may try to privatize the Agency for Health Care Administration’s legal staff, the Scripps Howard/Tampa Tribune Capitol Bureau reports.  

State Rep. Matt Hudson, R- Naples, said there is precedent, in that AHCA already contracts with the Attorney General’s Office and hires outside legal help.

A Manatee County mental health services organization says its team approach to helping emotionally disturbed children could be a model for the state, the Miami Herald reports.