Florida Healthy Kids Corp.

Health Outreach Group Could Lose State Money

Dec 17, 2018
Florida Covering Kids & Families

Florida Covering Kids & Families has for 11 years received state funding to conduct outreach for the Florida KidCare health-insurance program for children.

Florida Health Choices (YouTube)

MCNA Dental, a managed-care company that was recently awarded a five-year Medicaid contract, has hired former Florida Healthy Kids Corp. director Rose Naff as its vice president of operations. 

A new online tool could help some Florida families quickly determine how much health insurance for their children will cost.

Decision Delayed On KidCare Premiums

Oct 27, 2017

Members of a children's health-insurance panel said Thursday they wanted to help families in 48 counties who couldn't afford insurance premiums maintain coverage but delayed a vote on a plan until the panel receives details about how it would work and potential costs.

Emails Lead To Data Breach At Healthy Kids

Oct 27, 2017
Wikimedia Commons

As many as 2,000 people who rely on children's health-insurance programs may have had their personal data stolen.

Tampa Tribune

"Healthy Florida," state Sen. Joe Negron's plan to cover 1 million low-income working adults, is now in writing and has been placed on the agenda for Thursday's meeting of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

SPB 7038 is likely to get a respectful hearing there, since Negron chairs that committee. The bill is posted for reading online, with the pertinent section beginning at line 1077.