disaster response

Hurricane Michael has damaged and destroyed thousands of homes and apartments in the panhandle and what’s left isn’t enough to meet the demand. Now FEMA is offering up its “FEMA Trailers” to help address the need.

House Republicans on Monday unveiled an $81 billion disaster aid package to help hurricane-ravaged communities and states hit by wildfires, almost double the amount requested by President Donald Trump.

Albert Harris, Orange County

Next week, the federal government will be able to fine – and possibly shut down – nearly all health care facilities that aren’t ready for a disaster.

Rebuilding Haiti, Five Years Later

Jan 14, 2015
United Nations

When the first earthquake tremors struck Haiti, Lorvena Salomon was at her aunt’s house in Saint Marc, an hour northwest of Port-au-Prince.

“I’m just laying on the bed, and all of a sudden, the bed just started shaking. I was like, ‘Sak passe?’” she remembers of that devastating night, five years ago this week.

Her aunt replied, “Jezi ka passe.’’ That’s Creole for “Jesus is coming.”

“Jesus is coming? What does that mean?” Salomon recalled. “She said, “It means earthquake. There is an earthquake!”