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Florida Department of Corrections

After issuing a bombshell decision in January about the death penalty, the Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday heard arguments in two potentially far-reaching cases about whether that decision should lead to reinstating death sentences for two convicted murderers.

The Florida Supreme Court is ordering new sentencing hearings for four inmates currently on the state's death row.

The high court on Thursday threw out the sentences because a jury did not unanimously recommend the death penalty. Last year the court ruled death sentences have to be unanimous, which the court put in place in response to U.S. Supreme Court rulings.


The state court said anyone sentenced after a 2002 ruling could be eligible for a new sentence.

California Department of Corrections

Moving closer to getting Florida's death penalty back on track, the Florida Senate on Thursday approved a measure that would require unanimous jury recommendations for death sentences to be imposed.

Unanimous Juries Key Issue In Death Sentence Debate

May 19, 2016
Florida Department of Corrections

Defense lawyers insist that Florida's intended death penalty "fix" is unconstitutional because it does not require unanimous jury recommendations for death sentences to be imposed.

Inmates have been unable to see their loved ones and family members in person since March 11, when the department first suspended in-person visitation across the state.
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The lives of nearly 400 death row inmates hang in the balance during oral arguments Thursday before Florida's Supreme Court, which will ultimately decide if their sentences should be reduced to life in prison.

High-Profile Lawyers Urge Court To Commute Death Sentences

May 4, 2016
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Arguing that state law requires it, a who's who of prominent attorneys --- including former presidents of the American Bar Association --- are advising the Florida Supreme Court to reduce the death sentences of all inmates awaiting execution to life in prison.