certificate of need

The state has received 67 notifications about proposed projects for new or expanded nursing homes, hospice programs and facilities for people with developmental disabilities. 

State Approves, Nixes Nursing Home Projects

Aug 20, 2019
Nurse escorts elderly man using walker
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The state gave tentative approval to four nursing-home projects and rejected four others late last week.

Florida Hospitals Eye New Transplant Programs

Jul 12, 2019
Tampa Bay Times

By Christine Sexton / News Service of Florida

It’s been less than two weeks since Florida jettisoned some long-standing regulations for hospitals, but several facilities across the state are already gearing up to expand medically complex services, such as transplants. 

Further Changes To Certificate Of Need Program Proposed

Jul 5, 2019
the Florida state capitol building

By Christine Sexton / News Service of Florida

Eliminating the certificate of need program for hospitals may have been the easy part, but how to license them in the future may be more complex. 

DeSantis Signs Health, Hemp, Hazing Bill

Jun 26, 2019
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Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday signed 15 bills, including health-care priorities of House Speaker Jose Oliva, a plan to kick-start a hemp industry in Florida and an effort to prevent college hazing deaths. 

‘Con’ Repeal, Telehealth Teed Up For DeSantis

Jun 26, 2019

Five health-care bills were formally sent Tuesday to Gov. Ron DeSantis, including a pair of bills that were priorities of House Speaker Jose Oliva, R-Miami Lakes.

In perhaps the highest-profile measure, DeSantis received a bill (HB 21) that would eliminate the long-controversial “certificate of need” regulatory process for new hospitals and certain hospital services, effective Monday. The state Agency for Health Care Administration is scheduled to hold a public workshop July 3 about so-called CON rules in light of the legislation, which DeSantis is expected to sign into law.

Hospital Projects Get State Go-Ahead

Jun 13, 2019
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More than $324 million in new hospital construction was given tentative approval by health-care regulators this week in what could be the last batch of hospital projects subject to Florida’s “certificate of need” requirements. 

Oliva To Continue Pursuing Registered Nurse Priority

May 7, 2019
News Service of Florida

In a year when he was able to pass bills that he says will bring needed disruption to health care in Florida, House Speaker Jose Oliva couldn’t muscle through one of his top priorities: allowing advanced practice registered nurses to work independently from physicians. 

The Senate is moving forward with certificate of need repeal. But some call the move a dramatic shift that reneges on weeks of work. The plan to scrap hospital regulations points to a bigger picture about the legislative process.

Senate Positions Health Care Priorities For Passage

Apr 19, 2019
Jose Oliva addressing a room.
Florida House of Representatives

In a sign that top Republicans have reached agreement on significant health-care legislation, a Senate panel on Thursday revised three high-profile proposals to more closely mirror House bills. 

House Passes Bill To Make Opening Hospitals Easier

Mar 22, 2019
News Service of Florida

The Florida House on Thursday began trying to sweep away controversial health-care regulations, approving a bill that is a top priority of House Speaker Jose Oliva, R-Miami Lakes. 

‘Certificate Of Need’ Repeal Stalls In Senate

Mar 19, 2019
Gayle Harris seated in front of a microphone.
News Service of Florida

A high-priority issue for House Speaker Jose Oliva is in trouble in the Florida Senate. 

Certificate Of Need Repeal Teed Up In The House

Mar 15, 2019
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A House panel on Thursday approved a proposed repeal of the state’s certificate of need program for hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. 

The Florida Health Care Association is against a Florida House bill that would eliminate the “certificate of need” process for healthcare facilities. Currently nursing homes are among the facilities that must demonstrate sufficient need in a location before building a new site.

Nemours Children's Hospital

Following a state administrative judge’s lead, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration issued a pair of final orders this week denying a plan by Nemours Children’s Hospital to establish two transplant programs in Orlando. 


A move by the Florida Department of Health to establish a new designation of high-level neonatal intensive care services is being challenged in state administrative court. 

Judge Urges Denial Of Nemours Transplant Proposals

Aug 1, 2018

Siding with a preliminary decision by state regulators, an administrative law judge Tuesday recommended denial of plans by Nemours Children’s Hospital to offer pediatric heart transplants and heart and lung transplants. 


The Florida Department of Health on Friday issued a final order rejecting a challenge to a new trauma center at Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville.

doctor's scrubs with stethoscope

Florida’s top health-care regulator gave final approval last week to a pair of new hospitals for southern Sarasota County. 

Munroe Regional Medical Center's Twitter Account: @MunroeRegional

Three hospitals in Marion and Citrus counties are challenging a state decision to sign off on a new 66-bed hospital in Marion County, according to documents posted Thursday on the state Division of Administrative Hearings website. 

Mary Shedden/WUSF

Gov. Rick Scott’s long-standing priority to eliminate Florida’s certificate of need program for Florida hospitals came to a halt Monday, after a member of a powerful panel withdrew a proposal that would have overhauled the current hospital-approval system.

With the sponsor taking aim at Florida’s controversial “certificate of need” law, the Constitution Revision Commission on Wednesday advanced a proposal that would tie new hospital growth in the state to hospital-acquired infection rates at existing facilities.

Orlando Health Challenges Denial Of Pediatric Program

Mar 7, 2018

The hospital system Orlando Health is challenging a state decision that rejected a proposal to start a pediatric heart-transplant program at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

The Florida House is ready to take up two familiar healthcare reform measures Wednesday. Supporters say both bills will make care more accessible and more affordable. The plans face uphill battles in the Senate.

Voters Could Decide Tobacco, ‘Certificate Of Need’ Issues

Dec 15, 2017

Floridians could wind up voting on two contentious health-care proposals that on Thursday drew closer to the 2018 ballot.

Judge Says State Should Reject New Marion Hospital

Nov 16, 2017
p1 lawyer / Flickr

With other hospitals fighting the proposal, an administrative law judge Wednesday said state regulators should turn down a request to build a new hospital in Marion County.

Tampa General Hospital

A dispute over cuts to hospitals is one of the reasons Florida lawmakers had to postpone their final votes on the new state budget to this week. It was finally approved and sent to Governor Rick Scott, where its future is uncertain. Health News Florida's Stephanie Colombini talks about those hospital cuts and other key health issues this session with Kathleen McGrory, health reporter for the Tampa Bay Times.

House Approves ‘Certificate Of Need’ Repeal

Apr 20, 2017
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The Florida House on Wednesday easily passed a bill that would eliminate a controversial regulatory process for the approval of new hospitals.

House Set To OK ‘Certificate Of Need’ Repeal

Apr 19, 2017

The House could vote as early as Wednesday to repeal the "certificate of need" regulatory process for building hospitals, an issue backed by House Republican leaders and Gov. Rick Scott.

Judge: Transplant Program Should Be Rejected

Apr 2, 2017
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In the latest ruling in Florida's "certificate of need" battles, an administrative law judge said this week that the state should reject a proposal by Baptist Hospital of Miami to establish an inpatient bone-marrow transplant program.