Blue Cross Blue Shield

Memorial Healthcare System is telling its patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance to find another insurer if they want to remain in southern Broward County’s largest hospital network.

Negotiations on a new contract that would have enabled patients insured by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, also known as Florida Blue, to continue using Memorial hospital facilities at in-network rates failed before the previous contract expired Aug. 31.

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Anthem’s fourth-quarter earnings tumbled 64 percent as the health insurer absorbed some sizeable expenses and booked fewer customers than it expected through the Affordable Care Act’s public insurance exchanges.

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Federal agents arrested 14 people after they planned to scam public schools and several companies out of more than $130 million in health insurance payments for bogus claims, the Miami Herald reports. The suspects operated a network of about 35 crooked clinics that received $15 million in payments for fraudulent claims for pain injections between 2012 and 2015.

Insurer Hit by Major Data Breach

Feb 5, 2015
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Health insurer Anthem said hackers infiltrated its computer network and gained access to a host of personal information for customers and employees, including CEO Joseph Swedish.

The nation's second-largest health insurer said it was contacting customers affected by the "very sophisticated" cyberattack and was working to figure out how many people were affected.

Alabama’s largest insurer now offers spousal coverage to legally married gay couples in order to comply with a federal rule that insurance companies must treat married couples the same regardless of sexual orientation.

A spokeswoman for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama said the company began offering same-sex spousal coverage for underwritten plans in early 2014, “in response to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ regulations that prohibit health insurers from discriminating in health plan coverage on the basis of sexual orientation.”

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The family of a severely brain-damaged 9-year-old plans to fight a state ruling that will allow Florida Blue to stop paying for around the clock in-home nursing care for their daughter.  Selah Clanton, who spent eight weeks in a coma in 2005 after her stroller plunged into the Erie Canal, is now in a persistent vegetative state, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

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After a near-drowning,  9-year-old Selah Clanton of Zephyrhills can’t walk, talk or eat; she has to have a feeding tube and trach to live. Doctors say she is in a vegetative state, akin to that of Terri Schiavo, a Clearwater woman whose fate became the center of a legal storm that raged until her death in 2005.

Unlike Schiavo, Selah’s family is united in the belief they must keep her alive, whatever it takes.

Six lobbying firms raked in more than $1 million from their work between April 1 and June 30, News Service of Florida reports. In one case, Blue Cross Blue Shield paid Southern Strategy Group $104,000 to lobby on the health insurer’s behalf.   

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Opponents urged state insurance regulators to reject Florida Blue’s request to transfer $1.6 billion of its $2.8 billion surplus to a for-profit stock company, the Palm Beach Post reports. The Florida Alliance for Retired Americans referenced recent articles about Florida Blue published by the Palm Beach Post, and said the excess funds means the insurer has been overcharging policyholders. The public still has 10 days to comment on the proposal. Florida Blue, a nonprofit, is the largest insurer in the state.