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Anti-Smoking Campaign Could Be Trimmed

Jan 16, 2018
The News Service of Florida

Nearly 12 years after Florida voters overwhelmingly agreed to guarantee funding for an anti-smoking advertising and education campaign, a state panel this week approved a proposal that would ask Floridians to reconsider the commitment when they go to the polls in November.

‘Walking Wounded’ Share Jarring Stories For No-Smoking Campaign

May 12, 2016
(Lydia Zuraw/KHN)

Felicita Soto remembers finding blood in the oddest places. On her pillow in the morning. In her sandwich after she took a bite. Once, a coworker whispered with disgust:  “Felicita, you’re bleeding.”

Orlando Woman Shares Anti-Smoking Message (VIDEO)

Sep 24, 2014

 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a new ally in its graphic anti-smoking campaign.

Even though the CDC's “Tips from Former Smokers” ads are aimed at adults, Felicita Soto of Orlando says she hopes kids will get the message.  She started smoking when she was in the sixth grade.