Florida Pharmacy Association

Pharmacists Could Get Power To Treat Flu, Strep

Nov 14, 2019
Pharmacy Technician amongst two shelves of prescription pills.
Daylina Miller/Health News Florida

In an attempt to increase access to health care, a House panel on Wednesday approved a proposal that would authorize pharmacists to test patients for --- and treat --- the flu and strep throat. 

Pharmacists, Doctors Ignore Database

Jun 5, 2013

Only one-third of pharmacists and 10 percent of doctors are using Florida's prescription drug database, and that's a serious problem, federal officials told the state Board of Pharmacy on Tuesday.

A consumer member of the board has been working hard to get the board to require such a check, but he didn't get anywhere on Tuesday at the board's meeting in Miami.

Medical regulators have shown no enthusiasm for the requirement, either; during this year's session, Florida legislators squelched a bill that would have required both professions to use the database.

Safety Questions Arise on Pharmacy Staffing Bill

Apr 19, 2013

The Florida House has passed a bill that makes a lot of pharmacists nervous. Patients might be, too, if they were aware of it.

The bill sharply raises the number of technicians who can be assigned to a single pharmacist for supervision, from a maximum of three to six.  And it takes away the Florida Board of Pharmacy’s power to keep the ratio below the limit in cases where it sees a risk.