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Senior Medicare Patrol Ready to Help

To The Editor:

The Nov. 3 Health News Florida article on Doc Feuds Prompts Fraud Investigation, does an excellent job highlighting the problem of Medicare fraud in Florida.

One thing the article didn't touch on is how beneficiaries can help to report Medicare fraud.  The Florida Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Program stresses that Medicare fraud prevention begins with the individual. 

The SMP Program relies on more than 5,000 volunteers across the country that protect seniors and fight healthcare fraud, leaving more money in the system for everyone.

In Florida our volunteers have educated more than 60,000 Medicare beneficiaries on how to avoid becoming victims of healthcare fraud.  During this annual enrollment period for Medicare (which ends Dec. 7), it is important for seniors to learn to read their Medicare Summary Notices and EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) for any unauthorized charges.

We at the Florida SMP work hard to stop Medicare fraud and we need your help. 

If you'd like to report a case involving fraud or become a volunteer, contact us at 1-866-357-6677.

The web address is

Sharon Ayers

St. Petersburg

FL SMP Outreach Consultant