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The News Roundup - International

A woman wearing a protective face mask waits for a bus in New Delhi. The city experienced record levels of toxic smog this week.
PRAKASH SINGH/AFP via Getty Images
The Florida Channel
Leon County Judge John Cooper on June 30, 2022, in a screen grab from The Florida Channel.

The cloud of toxic smog covering New Delhi is visible from space. This week, that smog reached record levels.

From The Guardian:

Living in the world’s most polluted city has taken a toll on almost every one of its 20 million citizens, especially since the Hindu festival of Diwali, which prompted a severe deterioration in air quality. As the air pollution levels reached catastrophic levels – almost 10 times above the healthy limit on the weekend – a public health emergency was declared and has remained in place for the past five days. The streets have emptied, schools remained closed and many did not go into work on Monday morning as the air quality index remained stubbornly in the category of “severe”.

This comes as over 11,000 scientists around the world are supporting a study that says the planet is facing a climate emergency.

This week, President Donald Trump called for a war on drug cartels after an ambush in Mexico killed nine Americans, including six children.

And this week, the Yemeni government signed a peace agreement with a group of southern separatists. The war with the Houthi rebels in the north of the country continues.

Meanwhile, astronauts are trying to bake cookies in space.

We’ll cover all that and more on this global edition of the News Roundup.


Michael Goldfarb, Host of the First Rough Draft of History Podcast; @MGEmancipation

Nancy Youssef, National security reporter, The Wall Street Journal; @nancyayoussef

Hayes Brown, Deputy World News editor, BuzzFeed News; @HayesBrown

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