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Waiting In Long Lines For A Salad? You're Not Alone


Trying to get a salad in New York City in the new year is proving to be a difficult task. The New York Post reports that lines at salad chains like Sweetgreen and Chopt are wrapping around the block as people clamor for kale in an effort to live out their healthy resolutions.

But when you're hungry and end up in a hundred-person line, waiting for roughage, it can get, well, rough. There's been bickering and expletives. One person described it to The Post as a psycho line. It's kind of the January version of Black Friday mayhem. But instead of a new TV, people want abs.

Some restaurants are trying to capitalize on the health zeal. Chipotle debuted its lifestyle bowls for all you keto, paleo, Whole30 dieters. But if you're already thinking about breaking the I'm gonna be healthy this year promise, 2019 has brought indulgences, too, like the new Caramel Chocolate Chip Girl Scout Cookies. As for fast food restaurants in New York, well, let's just say business is slower until people give up on greens and head back to fries and then promise to be better next year.

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