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Tristram Stuart: Can Feeding Scraps To Livestock Help Tackle The Food Waste Crisis?

Part 2 of theTED Radio Hour episode Circular.

About Tristram Stuart's TED Talk

Our industrial food system is doing serious damage to our planet and food waste is a rampant problem. Tristram Stuart offers one strategy to combat food waste: cook scraps and feed them to livestock.

About Tristram Stuart

Tristram Stuartis an environmental activist working to combat food waste. He is the founder of Feedback, a charity that works to improve the environmental impact of food around the world. Also, in 2016, he founded Toast Ale, a company that brews beer from leftover bread.

Stuart is the author of The Bloodless Revolution, and Waste: Uncovering The Global Food Scandal . He is an Ashoka Fellow, a WEF Young Global Leader, and the recipient of the international environmental award, the Sophie Prize.

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