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Ask A High Schooler


High school.

What kind of memories does it dredge up for you? Good, bad or something in-between? Would you go back if you had the chance? Depending on when you were enrolled, it's probably a lot different now than what lives in your nostalgic recollections.

Teachers report that unprecedented access to social media and other forms of technology is making it hard for kids to focus, and educators are constantly asking for students' attention. And with mountains of homework and early start times, many students might not be getting enough sleep.

Add anxiety about college and careers into the mix. The cost of higher education has skyrocketed, so are students thinking differently about what to do next?

What do actual students think about what's going on in their high schools and in ones around the country?

Here's your chance to get honest answers from kids who are living the high school experience right now.

Produced by Paige Osburn. Text by Gabrielle Healy.


Dana Youngberg, Senior, Newell, South Dakota.

Miracle Burres, Junior, Chicago, Illinois.

Michael Solomon, Junior, Montgomery County, Maryland.

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