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Finding Zika Mosquitoes Could Help Control Virus, FIU Professor Says


Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church hosted a public forum last night to inform residents about the Zika virus. Dr. Aileen Marty is a professor of infectious diseases at Florida International University. She led the discussion and answered questions about Zika prevention.

The forum came hours after state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services confirmed that several samples of mosquitoes from Miami Beach had tested positive for the virus.

After the event ended, Marty said the Department of Agriculture’s findings would be helpful for Zika eradication.

“What’s valuable is being able to target the specific areas where those mosquito have clearly been picked up and are known to carry it,” Marty said.

Marty also explained how Zika is spread and the most effective strategies to repel mosquitoes. She stressed that the Zika threat could only be drawn down through community prevention efforts.