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Governor-elect Ron DeSantis’ Transition Team Plans Health Policy

Ron DeSantis (YouTube)
The Florida Channel
Leon County Judge John Cooper on June 30, 2022, in a screen grab from The Florida Channel.

Governor-elect Ron DeSantis received recommendations Thursday for changes to the state’s health care policies.

Lieutenant Governor-elect Jeanette Nunez and committee members from the healthcare industry discussed ways to improve the affordability and accessibility of care for some of Florida’s most underserved patients including seniors, patients with disabilities, and patients with mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

“So I know that the governor-elect has a bright agenda moving forward as it relates to access and accountability and transparency.”

She said their suggestions—from expanding telemedicine to improving hospital and provider reimbursements—will help Governor-elect Ron DeSantis and his transition team improve care for these patients:

“Within the context of financial sustainability and conservatism. And respecting the taxpayers’ money. And we understand how challenging that can be when you put all those things together.”

DeSantis campaigned on a health care plan that would offer more enrollment options to healthy patients while maintaining protections for patients with pre-existing conditions. But he was was criticized during his campaign for releasing his healthcare plan only two weeks before the election.