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Nemours Children's Hospital Opens New 'Sensory Room'

Photo Courtesy of Cara Harwell
The Florida Channel
Sensory room at Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando.

Nemours Children’s Hospital has opened a new room to help children with autism and other sensory issues.

Nemours opened a sensory room at its Orlando location in October.

Cara Harwell, a lead nurse practitioner in the Emergency Department at Nemours, said the purpose of this room is to help distract patients and provide them with calming objects.

“We keep it very broad because we found you know even children like you say with anxiety or children that are in pain, you know any of those children can benefit from decreased stimulation and a calming environment,” Harwell says.

The room includes a bubble column, wall toys and stimulation disks, a light dome, and a projector with design slides. Nemours offers a traveling version of the sensory room.