Right To Try

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The House rejected legislation Tuesday easing how experimental drugs are provided to people with terminal illnesses, as Democrats calling the bill risky and misleading overcame support from President Donald Trump and emotional arguments by Republican lawmakers and ailing constituents.

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A leading House Democrat announced his opposition Monday to a Republican bill making it easier for some terminally ill patients to try experimental drugs, clouding the measure's fate.

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With guest host John Donvan.

When a patient has run out of options, should new options be put on the table?

The U.S. Senate said Yes to that question this month by approving so-called right-to-try legislation, which lets patients request drugs and treatments that are still in clinical trials and haven’t yet been approved for the market.

Scott Approves Medical Marijuana For Terminally Ill

Mar 28, 2016

With Floridians poised to vote this fall on broad legalization of medical marijuana, Gov. Rick Scott on Friday signed a bill that will allow terminally ill patients to have access to marijuana as they try to ease suffering.


The Florida Senate will again take up a medical marijuana bill today.  It expands the scope of Florida's Right to Try Act, which allows terminally-ill patients to try drugs not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The measure emerged from the rules committee Monday.

Senate To Take Up Medical Marijuana, 'Pastor Protection'

Feb 22, 2016

The full Senate is slated Tuesday to take up a bill that would allow patients with terminal illnesses to have access to medical marijuana.

House Members Back Pot For Terminal Patients

Feb 9, 2016
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Continuing to consider how many nurseries should take part in the industry, a House panel Monday approved a bill that would allow patients with terminal illnesses to legally use medical marijuana.


Twenty three states, plus the District of Columbia and Guam, have some form of law allowing patients to use medical marijuana. Florida is among those states, but so far, patients have not been able to access the drug.

Pot For Dying Floridians Proposal Progresses

Dec 6, 2015
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A measure that would allow terminally ill patients to use full-strength marijuana has just one more committee stop before going to the Senate floor for a vote during the 2016 legislative session.

Two Republican lawmakers are pitching a moderate expansion of the medical marijuana system they pushed through the Legislature almost two years ago.  The measure removes limits on potency, but only for terminally ill patients.