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Opioids are prescribed differently to injured workers, with factors such as age, gender, type of job and size of business making a difference, a new workers’ compensation insurance report shows.

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An appeals court Wednesday ruled that an insurer shouldn’t have to pay a claim under a workers’ compensation insurance policy that was written hours after a piece of heavy machinery ran over a construction worker’s foot. 

Josh Vandegrift was just starting a 24-hour shift for the Cocoa Fire Department on Florida’s Space Coast when the call came in: A pedestrian had been hit by a vehicle about 100 yards from the station where he worked.

Meeting in a rare Saturday session, the Florida Senate approved revamping regulations for payday loans and supported expanding workers’ compensation insurance benefits for police and firefighters who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Workers' Comp Bill Could Aid Injured Immigrants

Feb 21, 2018
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A Senate committee Tuesday narrowly approved a bill that would eliminate part of Florida law that allows employers to deny benefits to injured workers who use other people’s Social Security numbers or identification to obtain jobs.

Arena Football Player’s Insurance Claim Sacked

Jun 7, 2017
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Nearly four years after a former Arena Football League player was injured while trying to regain a roster spot with the Orlando Predators, a state appeals court Tuesday rejected his workers' compensation insurance claim.

Court Rules Against Injured Worker On Doctor Choice

Jan 24, 2017

In what could be a first-of-its-kind decision in Florida, an appeals court Monday ruled against an injured worker who sought a change in physicians under the workers-compensation insurance system.

Lawmakers To Look At Workers’ Comp Issues

Dec 7, 2016

Preparing for what likely will be a difficult debate during the 2017 legislative session, the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee next week will start delving into workers' compensation insurance issues.

Workers Comp Case Drawing Heavy Attention

Dec 1, 2015

A Florida Supreme Court case challenging the constitutionality of the state's workers-compensation insurance system is drawing heavy interest from legal, public-safety and insurance-industry groups.

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All the players in a long-running drama over drug-dispensing in workers’ compensation agreed to a compromise that will cap the amount doctors can charge for the drugs themselves, but doubles the amount they get paid for giving patients the drug.