By Jim Saunders

9/01/2010 © Health News Florida

The Florida Supreme Court heard arguments today in a Palm Beach County medical-malpractice case that boils down to this tricky question: When is a father not legally a father?

Justices are considering a wrongful-death claim filed on behalf of a child who, according to a legal brief, has a "99.998 percent certainty" of being the biological son of a man who committed suicide in 2005 after being discharged from St. Mary's Medical Center.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

After backlash erupted when the Department of Veterans Affairs made it tougher to navigate through red tape to get benefits, the agency said it would stop enforcing that rule. But a federal judge says the VA has continued to unfairly deny claims for medical care and other services, and has threatened action against the agency if it doesn’t change its practices, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports.  


The VA and the Jewish system are working together to cut costs and keep veterans in their homes longer.