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How Hands-On Nursing Education Went Online During Pandemic

Jul 31, 2020
woman at computer distance learning
Valorie MacKenna

As a nursing PhD student and teaching assistant at the University of Central Florida, Valorie MacKenna solved an important problem when the pandemic hit: how to move hands-on simulation classes online.

WMFE spoke with MacKenna about what that virtual education looked like and whether it’s the future of health care instruction.

Pandemic Will Likely Have A Lasting Impact On How UCF Operates

Jun 26, 2020
UCF President Alexander Cartwright
University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida President Dr. Alexander Cartwright says the coronavirus pandemic is likely to have a lasting impact on the way the university operates. 

The University of Central Florida offers antibody testing on campus.

ORLANDO - The University of Central Florida will offer antibody testing in partnership with Aventus Biolabs at a campus parking garage beginning Thursday.

The University of Central Florida became the third institution to face inquiry from state lawmakers into its researchers’ ties to China.

The House Select Committee on the Integrity of Research Institutions held a meeting Tuesday to hear from UCF officials on what was done in their investigations, some dating back as far as 2017, and what the next steps are to avoid illegal foreign intervention in the future.

Report: As Many As 37 Percent Of Rural Floridians Are Uninsured

Sep 26, 2018
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A report on health care access found the number of uninsured patients is on the rise in the 17 states that haven’t expanded Medicaid.

A Georgetown University Center for Children and Families’ report found as many as 37 percent of Floridians living in non-metropolitan areas were uninsured. 

Sanford Burnham Might Become A Cutting-edge Cancer Center

Aug 16, 2018
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The future of the Sanford Burnham building could be determined next week. The Orlando City Council will vote on a proposal to transfer the building and land to the University of Central Florida on Monday. 

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The University of Central Florida received more than $180 million in research dollars this year. 

More Children Have Autism Than Previously Thought

May 1, 2018
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A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention medical review of more than 320-thousand eight year olds found the number of autism diagnoses had increased by 150 percent from 2000. 

Advocacy Group Wants To Raise Taxes For Children’s Services In Orange County

Apr 25, 2018
woman holds child
U.S. Navy

An entity called the Children’s Trust wants to expand to Orange County. It would do so by asking voters in November to create a special district that would raise property taxes to pay for children’s programs.

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Hospitals and health departments could have a new tool in 2018 to detect Zika – a test that is cheap, portable and fast.

The $577.9 billion national defense bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this week includes a provision for money that would go to a University of Central Florida clinic that treats veterans and first responders for post-traumatic stress disorder.


The University of Florida and University of Central Florida had planned to announce a partnership in the acquisition of Sanford Burnham, according the Orlando Sentinel

UCF Downtown Orlando Campus Spared Gov. Scott's Veto

Mar 16, 2016
Matthew Peddie/WMFE

Gov. Rick Scott spared the wrath of his veto pen and will let state funding for a University of Central Florida campus in downtown Orlando stay in the budget. The governor vetoed funding last year, but he called Orlando’s mayor to deliver the good news this year.

The Florida Board of Governors Wednesday approved the University of Central Florida's plan for a downtown Orlando campus.

Florida Hospital is pledging $1.5 million toward a new downtown Orlando university campus.

A bill aimed at cutting down the number of drowning deaths associated with car accidents in Florida has passed its first House committee. “Chloe’s law” stems from the death of a University of Central Florida student last year.

How UCF Helps Students Reduce Anxiety Over The Holidays

Dec 22, 2015

The holidays can be a stressful time. The University of Central Florida has a new online therapy program to help students over the break.

The University of Central Florida offers antibody testing on campus.

A University of Central Florida College of Nursing professor has landed a nearly $500,000 grant to study chemotherapy side effects in older adults.


The Florida Department of Children and Families is teaming up with the University of Central Florida to get more social workers with a four-year degree working in child welfare.


The University of Central Florida announced a five-year deal with the country’s largest for-profit hospital chain to train doctors after graduation, with the hope that those slots will mean as many as 550 doctors will stick around Florida to practice medicine.

University of Central Florida. / WMFE

University of Central Florida president John Hitt delivered the State of the University address this afternoon to what is now the nation’s second largest college student body.

$2M Grants Target First-Generation STEM Majors At UCF

Aug 3, 2015

For first-generation college students, the path to graduation can be rocky. However, a $2.2 million award from the U.S. Department of Education will help them prepare become future doctors and engineers.

The University of Central Florida will receive more than $2 million from the U.S. Department of Education for its PRIME STEM program and Student Support Services. Both programs equip more than 200 low-income students with the personal, academic, and financial tools to advance in careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Nurse escorts elderly man using walker
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The University of Central Florida is offering nurses seeking a doctorate degree a loan forgiveness opportunity.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports the school is offering nursing students a loan to cover the cost of online classes. They can then have 85 percent of that debt wiped away if they agree to teach at a college after graduation.


An Orlando nonprofit that 3-D prints free bionic arms for children is expanding. And to kick off the expansion, they gave a 3-D printed arm to autistic 12-year-old.

Wyatt Falardeau had his arm amputated shortly after birth. He’s a huge fan of Blue Man Group, and earlier this month, they gave him a new robotic arm.

“It’s pretty awesome,” Wyatt said.

UCF Student’s “Iron Man” Arm Goes Viral

Mar 20, 2015
University of Central Florida

A video that’s gone viral shows Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. giving a young Central Florida boy, Alex Pring, a bionic arm that looks like Iron Man’s. That arm was made by a non-profit group called Limbitless.

Its founder, Albert Manero, is a University of Central Florida engineering graduate student and a Fulbright Scholar working toward his PhD.

He spoke with 90.7’s Nicole Creston.

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The business of Florida's 12 public universities is supposed to be public like any other state agency. Salaries, contracts, policies and other university business records are supposed to be subject to Florida's expansive Sunshine Law, which mandates that most government actions be open to scrutiny.

But that's not always happening. The universities are getting around Florida's open government laws through dozens of private corporations that have been created over the years to oversee everything from athletic programs to dorm construction to salaries.

A list of "cutting-edge" scientists who have the most influence on their fields -- using citations by other scholars as the yardstick -- includes 15 researchers based in Florida.

While most are known only in their field of study, a handful have made news. One even co-authored a bestseller.

More students are illegally using medicine meant to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder to give them a boost when studying, the Orlando Sentinel reports. It’s called “academic doping,” and at the University of Central Florida, 10 percent of students admit to illegally using the stimulants meant to help with ADHD.

Orlando Sentinel

A 21-year-old University of Central Florida student is recovering from a violent attack at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, who ran her over with his car in an on-campus parking garage and then beat her until a bystander intervened, the Orlando Sentinel reports. 

A 30-year-old man living in a dormitory at the University of Central Florida apparently planned to kill other students by sounding the fire alarm, then shooting them when they went outside. But when police responded quickly to a 911 call from one of his roommates, the Orlando Sentinel reports, James Oliver Seevakumaran turned the gun on himself.