transgender health care

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ+ people could not be discriminated against when it comes to employment.

But three days before that, the Trump administration rolled back protections for transgender people when it comes to health care.

wooden gavel.

A federal judge has ordered Wisconsin to pay for the gender reassignment surgery for two transgender Medicaid recipients.

Military service. Bathroom use. Job bias. And now, health care.

The Trump administration is coming under fire for rewriting a federal rule that bars discrimination in health care based on "gender identity." Critics say it's another attempt to undercut acceptance for transgender people.

Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida is expanding its services for transgender people.

It will now offer hormone replacement therapy for those who want to transition genders. This will start in early October.   

A transgender inmate is suing the Florida Department of Corrections. The woman argues she is being denied medically necessary treatment.