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An Associated Press investigation shows a dark side to booming sales of the cannabis extract CBD. Some people are substituting cheap and dangerous street drugs for the real thing.

Florida prisons are seeing an increasing number of inmate deaths that authorities blame on a synthetic marijuana substance known as K2, or spice.

The increase in overdoses has prompted state officials to launch an educational campaign intended to show inmates the dangers of using the substance. The campaign was first reported by WLRN's news partner the Miami Herald.

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A batch of bad of synthetic marijuana, also known as Spice, sent at least nine people to hospitals in Florida.

Spice-Related Medical Calls Increasing in Tampa Bay

May 8, 2016
Pasco County Sheriff’s Office

Spice-related emergency medical calls in Tampa climbed from 17 in February to 130 in April and 183 in March, according to the Tampa Bay Times.
Meanwhile, Pinellas County paramedics worked nearly 350 suspected spice calls in March, with the numbers climbing towards the middle of the month, the Times reported.

Synthetic Marijuana Floods Tampa Bay Area

Mar 28, 2016
Associated Press

Law enforcement note a growing presence of synthetic marijuana in the Tampa Bay area and the nasty side effects — seizures and psychotic episodes — that sometimes accompany the mixes of chemicals which no one fully understands.

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A Florida man faces child neglect charges after police say a 3-year-old girl in his care ingested synthetic marijuana.

A street drug made of various chemicals sprayed on tea leaves, grass clippings and other plant material continues to send thousands of people suffering from psychotic episodes and seizures to emergency rooms around the country.

In 2015, calls to poison control regarding the drug already have almost doubled, compared to last year's total, and health professionals and lawmakers are struggling to keep up with the problem.

Authorities say bath salts and synthetic marijuana may be banned in Florida, but people are still using the highly unpredictable drugs, and they are still being manufactured in state, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Tampa Bay Times

In a tour de force of multimedia reporting, John Woodrow Cox of the Tampa Bay Times describes the scene, hour by hour, at Williams Park in downtown St. Petersburg.


Reporters from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel  had little trouble buying synthetic drugs from a convenience store in Pompano Beach, even amid Florida’s efforts to crackdown on the dangerous substances.

One of the packets tested positive for a synthetic cannabinoid, which is a violation of federal law, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Attorney General Pam Bondi announces an emergency ban on 22 varieties of bath salts and synthetic marijuana.