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Florida Legislature
Florida House of Representatives

With a 5 p.m. Tuesday deadline for casting votes, the Republican-controlled Legislature overwhelmingly rejected a Democratic proposal to hold a special session to address gun violence. 

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Florida Democratic lawmakers have failed to force the Republican-controlled Legislature to repeal the state's contentious "stand your ground law."


Republicans are on the verge of scuttling an effort by Democrats to hold a special legislative session on the state’s “stand your ground” self-defense law. 

Legislature Approves Medical Marijuana Deal

Jun 11, 2017

Florida will have 10 additional marijuana operators — more than double the number of the state's current vendors — within four months, under a medical marijuana proposal approved by lawmakers Friday.

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No more than 20 medical marijuana dispensaries would be allowed to open in unincorporated parts of Hillsborough County under new rules passed by commissioners on Wednesday.

Florida’s nascent medical marijuana industry is encouraging state lawmakers to draft a measure implementing amendment two.  If they refuse, the Department of Health will take the lead.

Momentum is building for an unusual, do-it-yourself special session on medical marijuana, although the legislator behind it admits he faces long odds.

Agriculture Commissioner, and Republican candidate for governor, Adam Putnam is adding his voice to the chorus calling for a medical marijuana special session.

While lawmakers weigh whether to call a special session for medical marijuana, dispensaries are pushing ahead.  One grower is preparing to open its first retail outlet.

Input Sought On Medical Pot Special Session

May 12, 2017
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Amid growing demands for a special session on medical marijuana and harsh criticism of lawmakers' failure to reach agreement on the issue, Senate President Joe Negron sent a memo to his members Thursday seeking input on the possibility of sealing a deal with the House.

Florida’s Senate President is considering bringing lawmakers back to Tallahassee to strike a deal on medical marijuana. A plan to roll out the state’s new rules unraveled at the end of session.

After years of legal wrangling, two special sessions and much political finger pointing, a judge is going to try to sort out the mess left from squabbling over Florida's 27 congressional districts.

Judge Terry Lewis on Thursday will preside over a trial where he will consider seven different maps that would each alter the state's political landscape. Lewis is expected to recommend one of the proposals to the state Supreme Court for final approval.


As Florida continues to recover from the depths of the recession, the state should have a budget surplus in the coming year, but it may not be big enough to avoid yet another spending battle in the state Capitol.

House Forms Panel To Push Health Proposals

Aug 27, 2015
Mark Foley / Florida House of Representatives

The House has formed the Select Committee on Affordable Healthcare Access, a potential vehicle for ideas that were cast aside this year by the Senate during a fight over health-care policy.

Differences Persist In Budget Negotiations

Jun 8, 2015
Florida Legislature
Florida House of Representatives

A second day of negotiations between House and Senate lawmakers over a spending plan for the budget year that begins July 1 seemed to highlight longstanding divisions between the two chambers even as legislators tried to come to agreement.

The debate that's been raging in Florida for five years: to expand Medicaid as envisioned under the Affordable Care Act or not?

Florida lawmakers have consistently decided "no." As other states with stiff opposition to Medicaid expansion, like Iowa and Indiana, have forged modified expansion plans that have been approved by the federal government, Florida has steadfastly rejected any change. 

State of Florida

State officials warned on Monday that if Florida legislators fail to reach a deal on a new state budget, everything from child abuse investigations to money for teachers could be halted in coming weeks.

Gov. Rick Scott last week ordered agencies to give him a list of the state's critical needs if a new budget is not in place by the end of June. Some agencies responded with a list of what needs to be funded, while others said what would happen without a spending plan.

Florida Senate

Florida’s top legislative leaders on Friday made their June special session official and came up with a long list of items they want to try to tackle during their 20-day return to the state Capitol.

House Speaker Steve Crisafulli and Senate President Andy Gardiner have agreed to pass a new state budget while at the same time debate legislation covering health care, Medicaid and even tax cuts and environmental policy.

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The Dream Defenders, who have vowed to stay outside Gov. Rick Scott’s office until he calls the legislature to convene a special session, met with Juvenile Justice Secretary Wansley Walters Monday, the Miami Herald reports. The protesters want lawmakers to enact what they’re calling the Trayvon Martin Civil Rights Act, to repeal Florida’s controversial “stand your ground” law.