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Once Its Greatest Foes, Doctors Are Embracing Single-Payer

Aug 7, 2018
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When the American Medical Association — one of the nation’s most powerful health care groups — met in Chicago this June, its medical student caucus seized an opportunity for change.

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The Trump administration's Medicare chief on Wednesday slammed Sen. Bernie Sanders' call for a national health plan, saying "Medicare for All" would undermine care for seniors and become "Medicare for None."

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Cheered on by a handful of activists, liberal House Democrats announced outside the Capitol that they were forming a caucus to push for "Medicare for All" — shorthand for government-financed health care.

There is no charity in the hearts and souls of the members of Congress who are trying to block the access to health care of working families who for too long have been unable to get health insurance, writes health policy consultant Paul Gionfriddo of Lake Worth.

He says the views of Rep. John Culberson of Texas were particularly unsettling in a CNN interview, where the Texan when he said, “We do not want the federal government socializing health care as they have in England and in France.”