Richard Corcoran

Disabilities Organization Faces Concern And Questions

Sep 18, 2019
News Service of Florida

An organization focused on helping Floridians with disabilities find jobs has not complied with some key demands by Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, who threatened to shut it down because of concerns about potential misuse of money. 

Richard Corcoran Threatens Disability Non-Profit After Mismanagement

Aug 27, 2019
Florida House of Representatives

Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran has threatened a criminal investigation into a state organization that helps Floridians with disabilities, after learning about potential misuse of millions of dollars and alleged “incompetence” on the part of its leadership. 

Districts Could Be Called Out On School Safety

Jun 6, 2019
School resource officer
Tampa Bay Times

After a state commission found out Wednesday that nearly 200 schools --- including many charter schools --- have not had armed security as required by state law, commissioners urged the Florida Department of Education to “name names and name people” to try to force compliance. 

News Service of Florida

Before becoming House speaker, Richard Corcoran promised in 2015 that he was going to tackle the “Gucci-loafing, shoe-wearing special interest powers” that lobby in Tallahassee and protect the status quo.

The Legislature is leaving town without addressing a dramatic spike in workers’ compensation premiums, and House Speaker Richard Corcoran is blaming Senate Republicans.

House Plan Leaves Out Most Adults Who Need Coverage

Apr 11, 2013
Florida House of Representatives

As promised, the Florida House released its answer to the federal Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act on Thursday morning. It would leave out most of those the federal health law intended to cover. 

The plan is available here.