prescription drug monitoring program

Yu-Jung Wei, an assistant professor in the UF College of Pharmacy, led a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that questions the accuracy of CMS’ criteria for flagging patients at risk of opioid abuse and overdose.
Courtesy of the University of Florida

A new study by University of Florida researchers questions the accuracy of the criteria used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to identify patients at risk of opioid abuse and overdose. 

Controlled Substance Dispensing Rule To Change

Dec 28, 2017

Beginning Monday, pharmacies and physicians who dispense controlled substances will have just one day to report information to the statewide prescription-drug monitoring program.

Feds, Pharmacies Grapple With Pain Pill Dilemma

Oct 2, 2015
Associated Press

Susan Langston wiped away tears as she spoke of a 40-year-old woman who had struggled with cancer for a decade before a Fort Myers pharmacy refused to fill a prescription for pain medication.

Drug Database Could Get State Funding

Jun 1, 2015
Associated Press

A House budget bill would allow tax dollars to be used next year to administer the state's prescription-drug database, after years of debate about the issue.

The proposal, which would be in effect only for the 2015-16 fiscal year, is included in what is known as a budget "implementing" bill (HB 3A). That bill, along with the overall budget, will be considered during a special legislative session that starts Monday.

Charlotte Observer

A database that tracks oxycodone and other controlled substances in Florida is being credited with a 25 percent drop in overdose deaths.

In 2011, the state created the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program so doctors and pharmacists could see if patients were doctor shopping, or getting care from multiple doctors without their awareness,  for prescription drugs.

Florida Legislature
Florida House of Representatives

The 2014 Florida Legislature passed a number of bills relating to health care, most of them modest in scope. 

But at least one that passed will probably save lives: the Child Welfare Act, which in part responds to the deaths of 477 children who were supposed to be under the protection of the Department of Children and Families.

The DCF overhaul had already begun before the session, but was intensified after the Miami Herald published the series Innocents Lost.

Judge Kills Suit Threatening Database

Feb 19, 2014
MGN Online

A Florida appeals judge has dismissed a case challenging the release of the prescription drug histories of more than 3,300 patients. His ruling says the government’s interest in regulating drugs outweighs patients’ expectation of privacy.

The original suit was brought by Daytona Beach lawyer Michael Lambert after state attorneys obtained his records from the state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program database during an unrelated forgery investigation. The state had requested prescription histories of four doctors and their pharmacies.

Florida Senate

Opting for stronger privacy controls despite law enforcement concerns, the Senate Health Policy Committee has approved changes to Florida’s prescription drug database.

While most of the attention in Tallahassee this week has been elsewhere -- on education standards or the rollout of the health law -- legislative committees are grilling agency chiefs and hearing from the public on topics that could lead to action in 2014.