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A large-scale clinical trial launched by the National Institutes of Health in May could pave the way for more HIV-positive patients with kidney disease to receive life-saving transplants.

First Pediatric Liver Transplant Performed In Central Florida

May 29, 2018
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Florida Hospital’s Dr. Regino Gonzalez-Peralta says the first pediatric liver transplant has taken place in Central Florida. 

Beautiful. Pure. Natural. Medicine at its pinnacle.

Those were the words of Dr. Giuliano Testa this week — the principal investigator of a clinical trial with ten women underway at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.

He was talking about the birth of a baby boy to a mother who underwent a uterus transplant last year. It's a first in the U.S., but in Sweden, eight babies have been born to mothers with uterus transplants.

Tampa General Hospital is already billed as one of the busiest organ transplant centers in the country.

Now, in conjunction with the University of South Florida Health Morsani College of Medicine and its South Tampa Center for Advanced Medical Care, they’re creating what they call a new model for advanced organ transplantation.

Judge Says South Broward Should Get Transplant Programs

May 5, 2016

In a dispute between two public-hospital districts, an administrative law judge Wednesday said the South Broward Hospital District should get approval to open kidney-transplant programs for children and adults.

The story of Maria Huaman has set off a score of comments online, criticizing everything from Jackson Memorial Hospital to the organ transplant process.

Huaman died on Jan. 13 at West Kendall Baptist Hospital. According to Huaman's family, Maria was denied a transfer to Jackson for a lung transplant. Why she was denied comes from the family because the hospital has not spoken.

The daughter of Tampa police officer who was killed in the line of duty in 1998 is enlisting support from her deceased father’s colleagues in her quest for a liver transplant, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Jones, 38, has autoimmune hepatitis. She health insurance that will cover all but $179,600 of the $314,000 transplant bill, but transplant patients must show some proof of financial means before being placed on a list, she said.

Jackson Memorial Hospital

A first-ever attempt at transplanting five organs in a child has succeeded far beyond the hopes of the family and doctors of 3-year-old Adonis Ortiz, who was born with his intestines outside his body. The Tampa baby and his parents went on camera at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami this week to talk about the historic transplant, carried out in October. Doctors now expect that Adonis can go home early next year, 10 News reports. 

MIAMI — A 3-year-old boy is recovering at a Miami hospital after undergoing a five-organ transplant.

Adonis Ortiz underwent the multivisceral transplant in October at the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Medical Center. He received a new liver, pancreas, stomach and small and large intestines.

He and his doctors will attend a press conference on Tuesday. 

A 20-year-old airman in Pensacola died two years ago of what doctors thought was food poisoning, so his organs were offered for donation.  It turns out that he died of rabies, and now, so has one of those who received an organ, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.

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