Some Help, More Needed For Florida Girl With Rare Blood Type

Jan 14, 2019

A New York woman with a rare blood type is donating two units to help save a 2-year-old South Florida girl who is battling cancer.

A worldwide search is on for donors of an extremely rare blood type needed to help a South Florida toddler undergoing cancer treatment.

A global search is on for rare blood that could save the life of a South Florida toddler who has cancer. Florida-based OneBlood says it’s specifically in need of donors of Middle Eastern descent. And even then, there’s less than a four percent chance of a match.


OneBlood is calling for blood donations ahead of Hurricane Irma.

OneBlood is urgently seeking donations after Hurricane Matthew caused several sites across Florida to temporarily shut down.

OneBlood,  South Florida’s main blood supplier, started screening all blood donors  for the Zika virus last week. But, as experts explains, this safety measure is not infallible and individuals that are concerned about having contracted the virus should abstain from donating blood until they have been tested at clinics or specialized facilities. 

Since the mass shooting in Orlando, there has been a huge response from people who want to donate blood. And, while the current blood donations are appreciated, some donation centers say they may need more people to donate next week.

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Hundreds lined up to give blood Sunday in Orlando to help the victims of the massacre at a gay nightclub, but major restrictions remain for gay men wanting to give blood themselves.

Florida blood centers are shipping blood to Puerto Rico because of concerns about transmitting Zika virus from transfusions. A plan is in place if Florida starts seeing locally-caught Zika virus.

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The Food and Drug Administration announced Monday that it will now allow gay men to donate blood, but there's a catch.

The state’s largest blood collection agency has stopped collecting blood in Martin and St. Lucie counties amid several reports of dengue fever, the Palm Beach Post reports. OneBlood provides blood to 200 hospitals in Florida, Alabama and Georgia.