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Workers’ Comp Rates To Drop 7.5 Percent

Oct 25, 2019
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Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier on Thursday ordered an average 7.5 percent reduction in workers’ compensation insurance rates effective Jan. 1. 

State Ponders Worker’s Comp Rate Cut

Oct 10, 2019
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Florida’s insurance commissioner is considering whether to sign off on an average 5.4 percent reduction in workers’ compensation insurance rates despite an ongoing debate about the effects of a state Supreme Court ruling that allowed higher attorney fees in workers’ compensation legal battles. 


Pointing to a need to stay focused on the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, the state Office of Insurance Regulation has canceled a public hearing slated for Wednesday on a proposed reduction in workers’ compensation insurance rates. 

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The state Office of Insurance Regulation has scheduled an Oct. 17 hearing on a proposal that could lead to an average 13.4 percent reduction in workers’ compensation insurance rates next year, according to a notice published Monday in the Florida Administrative Register. 

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Florida regulators are approving a 9.5 percent drop in insurance rates charged to the state's business owners to cover their employees.

After spiking last year, worker’s compensation rates in Florida are set to decline.  But some labor organizations contend the decrease doesn’t go far enough.

Workers' Compensation Rate Cut Under Consideration

Oct 19, 2017
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Fewer workers are filing workers' compensation claims, helping lower the costs Florida employers will pay for insurance next year.

Workers Comp Rates Could Jump After Court Ruling

May 31, 2016
Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

After a Florida Supreme Court ruling last month that struck down a limit on attorney's fees, workers-compensation insurance rates could go up 17.1 percent, according to a proposal submitted Friday to state regulators.

Workers Comp Rates Reduced 4.7 Percent

Nov 16, 2015

Florida employers will see overall workers-compensation insurance rates drop 4.7 percent as of Jan. 1, according to an order issued Thursday by the state Office of Insurance Regulation.

Workers Comp Rates To Drop 5.1 Percent

Nov 4, 2015

State regulators issued an order Tuesday that calls for overall workers-compensation insurance rates to drop by 5.1 percent next year.

Workers Comp Premiums Could Be Trimmed

Aug 24, 2015

State regulators will consider a proposal to reduce workers-compensation insurance premiums by an average of 2.2 percent in 2016, according to documents released Friday.

Florida regulators are approving a drop in workers' compensation insurance rates.

Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty this past week announced that he was approving a rate drop for insurers that provide coverage for on-the-job injuries.

Rates will drop overall by 5.2 percent. The rate change will take effect on Jan. 1.

This marks the first time that workers' compensation insurance rates have dropped in the last four years.