Florida health officials say they're investigating a new Zika case outside a Miami neighborhood where mosquitoes have spread the virus to over two dozen people.

“Our people are very, very casual about mosquitoes,” says Father Frank O’Loughlin, director of the Guatemalan-Maya Center, of the community the organization serves in and around Lake Worth.

Syphilis Cases Rise in Miami-Dade, Broward Counties

Jul 15, 2016
NIAID (Wikimedia Commons)

Cases of the sexually transmitted disease syphilis, have risen in Florida over the last five years.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jorge Cueto ruled Wednesday that Florida’s workers’ compensation law was unconstitutional and violated employees' fundamental rights, the Miami Herald reports.

The nearly 80-year-old-law is intended to provide compensation to workers injured on the job, as opposed to having the workers sue the company.

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The board that runs the taxpayer-funded Jackson Health System will ask Miami-Dade commissioners for special election in November for voters to approve millions of dollars so the hospital system can upgrade its facilities, the Miami Herald reports. Commissioners will consider the request, which was added to the Public Health Trust’s own agenda at the last minute by its new chairman, at their next meeting. 

A Miami-Dade judge who is a vocal advocate for people who have mental illness says money that was allocated for construction should instead be spent on improving the rehabilitation program instead, the Miami Herald reports.