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Medical Malpractice Records Battle Brews

Nov 28, 2017
Barry Gutierrez/NPR

Florida voters next year could be asked to once again dive into a never-ending tug-of-war over medical malpractice lawsuits.

House Seeks To Cap Malpractice Awards

Jun 27, 2017

Last week, a jury awarded a Pennsylvania man $620,000 for pain and suffering in a medical malpractice lawsuit he filed against a surgeon who mistakenly removed his healthy testicle, leaving the painful, atrophied one intact.

Supreme Court Ready To Hear Malpractice Case

Dec 1, 2016

More than three years after a legislative battle about the issue, the Florida Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments next week about a medical-malpractice law that spurred debate over access to health information and patients' privacy rights.

Florida Supreme Court Could Consider Medical Malpractice Battle

Feb 8, 2016
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The Florida Supreme Court could decide whether a physician is able to pursue a "bad faith" claim against an insurer in a medical-malpractice case that led to a $35 million arbitration award.

 A Florida court has ruled that caps on certain damages in medical malpractice lawsuits do not apply in personal injury cases.

The Legislature in 2003 established $500,000 limits on non-economic damages for such cases. Last year, the state Supreme Court ruled they don't apply in medical malpractice cases involving wrongful death.

A South Florida medical practice has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization after it was unable to make a payment in a malpractice lawsuit settlement, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

South Florida Multispecialty Associates made the June 12 filing in federal bankruptcy court in reaction to a medical malpractice plaintiff won a garnishment on the company’s accounts, the Business Journal reports.