manatee deaths

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Florida boaters killed a record number of manatees in 2018 and the state reported a near-record of manatee deaths overall.

It’s been a deadly year for manatees, but Florida wildlife officials believe there are more of the threatened marine mammals than they previously thought.

It’s been a tough year for Florida manatees. Red tide and cold snaps have led to their highest death rate since 2013, and that death rate could still go up. 

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This year hasn't been a good one for the Florida manatee.

According to state wildlife statistics, there have been more manatee deaths so far this year than all of last year.

The most recent data on manatee deaths has been released by The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. 

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A watchdog groups say Florida is on pace for another record year for manatee deaths.

Brevard County Leads Florida In Manatee Deaths

Sep 5, 2016
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More manatees continue to die in Brevard County than anywhere else in Florida.

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Manatees are again dying from a mysterious syndrome in Florida's Indian River Lagoon.

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Wildlife officials say more manatees have died in a Florida lagoon plagued by algae and pollution.

Tampa Bay Times

Biologists have pointed to Red Tide algae bloom as the reason for so many manatee deaths in Southwest Florida, but now, they’re trying figure out what’s killing so many manatees on the east coast of Florida, the Tampa Bay Times reports. They suspect algae is playing a role, since it has killed off much of the sea grass the manatees eat.